• Musicians from all over the world are heading to India to collaborate and discover their beat, and use elements of Indian music in a fun and exciting way that has a wider audience appeal. Likewise, contemporary Indian musicians are also embracing Indian roots and opening pathways to great new sounds that resonate with the society today. These are the #SoundsOfSociety we're happy to present.


  • Episode 1

    Composed by: Mathias Duplessy & Mukhtiyar AliView

    Episode 1

  • Episode 2

    Composed by: Delhi2Dublin & Jatinder SinghView

    Episode 2

  • Episode 3

    Composed by: Gowri Jayakumar, Vasuda Sharma, Matteo FraboniView

    Episode 3

  • Episode 4

    Composed by: Hang Massive & Naviin GandharvView

    Episode 4

  • Episode 5

    Composed by: Chandana Bala, Nush Lewis & Varun ZinjeView

    Episode 5

  • Episode 6

    Composed by: Delhi Sultanate, DJ URI, Satish KrishnamurthyView

    Episode 6


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