In the following years the duo continued to produce some very well received music. Their first official collaboration release was in 2013 with Bristol based producer ‘ Bleecker ‘ and saw the resonant tones of the hang fused with high quality UK style house production resulting in an awesome four track EP. This was followed in 2014 by the release of their second live album ‘ As It Is‘ which demonstrated a much evolved playing style, more developed compositions and a significant increase in production quality. 2015 saw the release of two more collaborative projects of very differing styles. The Many Rivers Ensemble featured a small group of musicians with a range of acoustical instruments, who in one improvised recording session sculpted a beautiful and other worldly listening experience – an ode to the mysteries. The following EP ‘ Marine Migration ‘ was the first release from the new collaboration with Glastonbury based producer J Rokka and featured a breaks style single which was subsequently remixed by a range of well known artists such as Gaudi and Atomic drop.

After a very successful crowdfunding campaign, 2016 saw the release of ‘ Distant Light ‘ the first studio album from Hang Massive and saw the hang playing duo join forces with Victoria Grebezs and Morgan Davenport. The combination of talents brings a new vibe to this album as the sound of the hang is combined with tasty beats, lush sound design, live instruments, great songwriting and incredible production. The original and well loved vibe and sound of Hang Massive is well maintained whilst introducing fantastic new elements that are sure to connect with a wider audience.

Hang Massive are currently on a Luminous Emptiness Tour in Europe, performing a mixture of songs from the album Distant Light as well as a selection of earlier works from their live albums. With many successful live events already under their belt and with tours planned in Europe, Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand and beyond, Hang Massive are building on their already well established reputation as producers of great records and are now gaining recognition worldwide as an incredible live act!

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Hang Massive’s journey began in India, where they began to play music, initially in the streets. They first rose to fame with the release of their first online music video – Once Again, that has since been viewed more than 40 million times, all over the world. That viral success introduced millions of people to an amazing new instrument and was the catalyst for forming a global and dedicated fan base excited to hear more offerings from this unique musical project.

In the summer of 2012 Hang Massive followed up the release of ‘ Once Again ‘ with their first album ‘ Beats For Your Feet ‘ a collection of live studio recordings that further showcased the duos unique and hypnotic style of composition and performance. Their music clearly demonstrates an influence from various electronic music genres and this recognizable style connected with people of all types and tastes and helped to make their music accessible to a wider audience.