Mohamed Alnuma (a Franco-Iraqi Oud player and singer) is a Nomadic artist, a career that unfolds itself as a creative process based on a double articulation: Bringing the elsewhere to “here and now”, taking the “here and now” to the elsewhere. Beautiful musicians from various parts of the world have been gathered to embrace music and happiness along the way. “Al safa quartet ” was formed in Germany with Syrians and Turkish’s musicians. In France “Pechêurs de perles”. In Turkey “Hawa, the first wind” a project of bringing togther musicians from Turkey, Iran and India. In Greece “Roubayyat quartet”, In Israel “Jalajil”, In India “Hawa, time caravan” , all with various local and abroad musicians.

Apart from the strictly musical projects, he co-founded with his wife Daniell Alnuma (dancer and choreographer), the Company Orientations in which he collaborate as musician and as an artistic director. Many shows where created around the world, such as “Afikna” in Israel Jerusalem festival, “Nostalgia” in France and Africa, “The rite of spring” in France and India…..etc.