Trained in Indian classical music at a very young age, Vasuda Sharma is one of the few independent artists who stand out in the Indian music industry. Formerly remembered for her stint as the youngest member of India’s first millennial pop band AASMA-The Band, Vasuda today stands as an individual artist who is way more conscious of the medium. Fueled by her passion for music and several years of composing her own tunes, she decided to further her musical education at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

She has since bridged the worlds of Indian classical and folk with western contemporary music, creating a sound which she believes has ample scope to evolve in the future.

More than a decade later since AASMA-The Band, Vasuda still lingers in the minds of music lovers across the country. Her debut album ‘Attuned Spirits’ which featured Indian ragas elements with an essence of rock was one the country’s first-ever crowdfunded music projects. The album was partly recorded in Boston and partly in India, using multiple instruments and featuring multiple musicians from all over the world. The results were more than gratifying, making her the biggest crowdfunding success story for Indian alternative music so far.

Vasuda loves to experiment with new genres and sounds, her experiments led her to become a self-taught live looping electronic artist, a rare feat for a solo female artist in India. She also plays at various festivals with her newly formed band ” Sharma and The Besharams “. She is in the process of recording her EP with the band soon. Vasuda is all set to launch her new live act called ‘Miss V’ in which she plans to showcase the electronic production side of her musicality. The music is essentially Electro- Pop with bits of Soul and RnB that you would witness in her singing, plus some vocal looping alongside.

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