While we are awake, and in an intention to create, then we have the space. And this space is part of the music, as breath is part of life”, Avi Adir.

Adom Olam in Hebrew means Eternal Master. This song is an original composition by Avi Adir, a multi-instrumentalist world musician, who together with Karsh Kale – an award winning musician, composer, percussionist – explore the idea of silence, and the space between the noise and matter, of saying more with less, within the structure of a musical piece, as in real life.

In this episode, Avi creates an otherworldly musical experience with his fluid and transcendental singing style, that is punctuated by Karsh’s well-timed and nuanced Tabla beats. The idea that there is more to gain by allowing ourselves to explore the silence within and the space between the noise we create for ourselves, we may yet find ourselves, like a deep breath after a long exhale.

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