This musical piece is dedicated to the journey of two unique instruments and their masters, meeting for the first time in the heart of India.

While the Hang was invented in Switzerland in 2000, and Hang Massive undoubtedly it’s biggest and most famous exponents today, the Belabaharr was invented here in India, by Pundit Babulal Gandharva, as a fusion to include the qualities of a violin as well as the resonance of the Sarangi. His son Naviin (Anuraaj Anand), is the only known musician to be playing the Belabaharr.

This episode of Sounds of Society is the first, and the only time these guys have ever played together. Despite coming from different walks of life, the blend of their sounds appears to be connected on many levels. Much like all of us, and everything around us. This song is aptly called – ONE


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