“Reh Na Sake is about the impermanence of things. It’s about looking within to understand the silence amidst all the noise outside. It’s about the patience required to understand what the silence is saying. It’s the mood I have in a generation that is quite rushed. For me, it’s about slowing down,”
– Lucky Ali.

A song from Lucky’s upcoming album, this special acoustic rendition of Reh Na Sake is steeped in Sufi flavours, finding its expression through Lucky’s intricate poetic form, and his diverse musical knowledge as he works with Arambol based Sufi band – Narang, to bring alive this beautiful composition. New kids on the block, Narang makeup musicians from India and Iran, and have already proven their knack for fluidity and originality with which they approach music. This episode of Sounds of Society is a perfect example of things falling into place when you surrender to the flow.

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