In this episode of Sounds of Society, we take you to a journey into Reggae music coming out of India through three European musicians that call India home in the winter. Originally championed by the likes of Reggae Rajahs, Delhi Sultanate, Dakta Dub, 10000 Lions Soundsystem, Rudy Roots and a few more, Reggae music was slow to rise, but is slowly gaining prominence, especially in the sunshine coastal town of North Goa. Mainly thanks to India’s only Reggae festival Goa Sunsplash.

While a lot of it is digital, or Vinyl, we wanted to showcase a bit of what is happening behind the scene in the live Reggae circuit in India. Each artist featured here has dedicated their lives to the music, as they live, eat and breathe Reggae music.

Enjoy this collaboration of french heavy weight – Naâman, alongside Sardinian MC – Cisco Kid, and French musician and selector – Bee Wise.

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